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Beth Givens

Me, Myself and Kusama

Miniature installation created using cardboard, das
modelling clay and paint

26cm x 20cm

My work revolves mainly around nature, people and patterns. I am an installation artist at heart, but my day to day practice consists of pattern making, print making, drawing self-portraits/pets I find on Instagram, painting, rug tufting and clay modelling. I refuse to close any doors in the art world and will give anything and everything a go – we learn every day and I don’t want to restrict that to just one medium. I use art as a method of therapy and therefore there is also an underlying theme of mental health in a lot of my work.

This piece represents my time in lockdown and reflects on my obsession with Yayoi Kusama’s work. I hope to convey the monotony of the lockdown and how it distorted my sense of time and space."

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