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3 Taking the Knee layers.tif

Charlotte Adu

'Three Take a Knee' - 2021

Graphics Tablet - 3300 x 2550 px

I’m a Southampton based artist who specialises in digital illustrated art. 


My current project for ‘Through the Window’ has been based on the BLM protests that happened last year during the pandemic and how this sensitive, yet important topic about racism, police brutality, discrimination and inequality has always been a debated subject.

I use a graphics tablet to create comic book illustrations of photography that have been taken of protesters, public speakers and riots from the recent protest last year and dating back to the mid-60s to show how this subject and the way in which society express their freedom of speech and right is by coming together in vast numbers to stand for justice and how all these events lead to changing a vital part of our history.

To see more of my BLM art project, visit my instagram page in the link below.

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