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Crystal Artfield

Self-Portrait (2020) 


Part of the "Unfamiliar: Familiar" series

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Conceptual Artist | Painter | Photographer 

I have always had imaginative ideas and creative energy which I express best through art and writing. I am currently in my second year studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at Solent University. I make art for my personal grown, to reflect on my experiences and navigate my curiosity. After I have made my work, I observe how it relates to society.

Self-Portrait is part of my personal experiences as a female, as well as an artist. There are many topics in society that are ignored because they make people feel 'uncomfortable'. My Unfamiliar; Familiar series is approaching one of them: menstruation.

Firstly, my work is personal. My initial objective is to become more knowledgeable, and comfortable with my own body; to educate myself while following my curiosity.

Secondly, I aim for my work to create conversations amongst the viewers. I hope it empowers women to share their own experiences.

I have used photography as a form of documentation-to normalise menstruating bodies: colour, transparency, fluidity, texture, inconsistency, consistency.

Every month the female body is creating art.

By using my own body, I am challenging the taboo of subjects that are part of human existence.

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