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Pale and Teeth, Untitled 01.jpeg


Daisy Steed

Pale and Teeth

Oil Pastels on Paper 29.7cm x 42cm

An Isle of Wight and Southampton based artist who specializes in oil paints and pastels. Exploring body image through horror and the uncanny, Daisy asks what it means to identifies with and perceive the human form. Daisy began her practice in 2014 leading to exhibit work in multiple group shows, both student and gallery run. 

My work for the ‘Through the Window’ will revolve around last terms work for the navigation unit. A set of work I titled ‘Pale and Teeth. This work truly reflects my lockdown art practice, as it centres around the crippling body image insecurities, which I had developed from being home so much; forcing myself to confront opinions of my appearance which has been altered by an increased time scrolling on social media which lead into buying unnecessary cosmetic products that caused my insecurity to skyrocket further. From discussing the ideas with my peers and their work they want to input I feel as though the extremely personal aspect of my work will contribute to the voice of student artists that have been suppressed by the current climate.

Pale and Teeth, Untitled 01 draws inspiration of the uncertainness of what it means to take on a human form. Stemming from a long-standing series of portraits, the artist questions contemporary beauty and how that fits into perceiving ourselves as human, or if not, otherworldly beings. The work was made during 2020, making it a product of national lockdown and the challenges it brought with it, including body dysmorphia and self-perception.

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