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Diana Vitória

"Me and Rebeca, 2021"

Photograph 35mm

My work revolves mainly around exploring feelings, patterns, people, everyday life, social issues and empathy. Through photography, filming, painting and drawing, I aim to produce work that feels intimate, familiar, and asks about truth, awareness, and reconnecting with our true nature so we can overcome obstacles that we, as a society, built on our own. 

Recently I’ve been working mostly with photography, capturing scenarios of the everyday life, that are created unconsciously and speak for themselves. 


Diana Vitória is an artist that was born in 2001 in the heart of Portugal, Lisbon. 

She was raised by her parents in a very small and peculiar city in the center of her country, named Entroncamento, and has lived there until 2019, when she moved to Southampton to study Fine Arts in Solent University. ​ 

She has always been interested in the field of arts but has a particular interest for people, cycles, traditions, and emotions, and so she recently developed a more intense relation with photography and drawing in order to study these subjects better.  

​Apart from that, her daily practice consists in exploring any kind of other mediums, such as sculpting, editing, writing, and much more in a way to deepen her artistic technics and habilities to express and articulate herself in  different and effective ways.


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