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Ivy Lisle 

Plastic Windows

Colouring pencils with blending agent, zest 21cm x 29cm

"My name is Ivy Lisle, I am a 20 year old artist based in Southampton and Essex. I produce work by exploring different topics for my projects and making a series of work based around that theme. I usually try to create work around an issue or theme that I have not personally experienced. I’d say my artwork is empathetic, and allows me to educate myself and become more passionate about struggles and issues that others have faced, and how I can create artwork that resonates with them. My current project is exploring the hardships that occurred for those who had become or were previously homeless during the pandemic. The style I create work in is realistic sketches or paintings, capturing the essence of the subject through my medium. I like to experiment with multiple mediums but have found I am particularly drawn to oil paint and pencil sketches as I can create the most realistic outcomes with them."

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