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Lauren Shephard

Window Above


Normally the mediums I would lean towards are acrylics, pencil or watercolour and I would utilize them to convey a series of portraits with that of a familiar face however more recently my passion for the medium photography has grown stronger and for this reason one of my latest projects uses the medium to portray to my audience what my life has been like in the new norm. My targeted audience for said project welcomes people from any age who like me has travelled throughout this pandemic mainly because I’ve done it more than a few times and I would love to create conversations between my audience about their journeys and why they’ve travelled. 

Hi I'm Lauren, an international university student! Although international funnily enough I'm from a British overseas territory called Gibraltar. My main goal is to one day become a secondary art teacher and hopefully a well-established artist. I’m primarily a portraiture artist who works with acrylic and pencil although I love to change it up and step out of my comfort zone from time to time. An aspiration of mine would to be to one day have work exhibited in a famous gallery, this has always been a fear of mine exhibiting work but throughout university I've quickly been building the confidence in myself to do so.

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