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Lewis Ford

Ocean Views


Lewis Ford is a Photographer based in Southampton, he has a key interest in exploring cruise ships and landscapes within his work. Lewis has been fortunate enough to visit multiple different cities along the east coast of America  which have been a small aspect to his practice as a photographer. After Lewis  left school he attended Totton college to undertake a level 3 OCR Art and design cource where he learnt how to compose and edit photography, this has helped him create stunning images which he posted online which has attracted attention from different photographers  and audiences from around the world.

All of Lewis’ photography is captured using an iPhone, he uses a range of different edits and enhancements to create a powerful, dream like effects. During the covid pandemic the work he creates has captured the standstill the world has witnessed over the last year. he has recently been focused on showing the world we all once knew and what life will be liken the other size of the Covid Widow leaving the dark days behind us. 

more of this work is available to witness on his website.

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