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Luke Bartholomew

Urban treasure hunt

Digital image

My name’s Luke Bartholomew, I am a digital artist. My aim is to create work that engages people with the local environment of Southampton by illustrating scenes of the city’s architecture. My art functions as a series of clues, directing the viewer along a trail made of several locations within the city centre. At each of these locations will be an additional clue leading to the next piece in a sequence allowing the participants to uncover more artwork as they navigate across Southampton. The first image in the series will be provided on my website and accessible through the online gallery, while the rest will be discoverable by following the clues placed in the first.


The equipment I use for my work is the XP-pen Artist 12 graphics tablet and an art software called Krita

The works themselves will be comprised of illustrations of city landmarks in black and white with areas of bright colour marking out where people can search to find the next clue.  


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