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Distorted Face.jpeg

Miles Greenhill

Distorted Head

 Oil on canvas 42cm x 29cm

"I am a Solent University student based in Hertfordshire. I am an artist with a huge passion for
portraiture, this led to me studying Fine Art at Solent University. I have had a years’ experience in
Special Effects in 2018, where I developed the skills to model make and also study computer
modelling. In 2019, I joined the Fine Art course, throughout my time at university I have had
experience in a number of artistic fields which include Special Effects, portraiture, model making,
animatronics and computer modelling. I am very passionate about my work and love to create
expressive portraits with the use of oil/acrylic paint and oil pastels.

The images that I create are pictures of people that are recognisable to me, as I have a fascination
with portraiture and I hope I can communicate my portraits into something more as I have a lot of
curiosity for this art form. When it comes to mediums when creating work, I tend to use mainly oil
paint and oil pastels. I get my ideas mainly from expressive portrait artists, the likes of Anthony
Rondinone. With this inspiration I create portraits of distorted faces."

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