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Peter Winter


'Dear Solent'

'He Wore My Jumper So I Wore Him'

A4 Digital Art

Peter Winter is a conceptual queer Hampshire-based Fine Artist, currently undergoing his second year studying Fine Art at Solent University. 
The narrative of the majority regarding Winters's works focuses' on the progressive exploration within western politics, gender, and sexual identity, as well as expression; combined with a heavy influence from his families, mixed heritage.  
Recently made work has shifted from this narrative, now through research and first-hand experience, he has made, which is focusing on using a combination of aggressive and polarising poetry alongside aesthetically pleasing voyeuristic imagery. 

Works include drawn pieces, all digital pieces A4 size and a video piece. 

Digital pieces titles are shown in the pieces, in order, “DEAR SOLENT”, “  I havent chaged my  sheets I sleep in the cum stain you left “, “AGAIN” and “HE WORE MY JUMPER SO I WORE HIM JO PW”.  

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