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Priya Sood

"Every sun rise comes with a new beginning, a new day with the potential of a better tomorrow"

Watercolour and Nail Varnish, 29cm x 21cm 

"As a student during this pandemic, I feel the pressure is overwhelming and frustrating not being able to interact as normal... especially dealing with my mental health where on some days I couldn't bring myself to do anything at all. I'm surrounded with feelings of loss and trying to fill a void while being confined to one space. I haven't felt like getting ready, when I have gotten ready it's like I've been doing it as a feel-good feeling, essentially feeling out there and exposed on most days because what is there to get ready for? Nothing at all. I've felt stripped down to my raw state with a lowered self-esteem, confidence and anxiety issues. Still, regardless of those feelings I have drifted into imagination of these beautiful landscape sceneries with the sun glistening on my face, almost reigniting the memory of it... this is a fantasy keeping in mind that look forward feeling. This isn't forever and I think it's important to remind ourselves that "the sun rises every day with a new beginning, a new day with the potential for a better tomorrow." I hope this reaches people to remind them never to give up even when days do get tough. If this spoke to you think about where you'd like to be and feel free to send a message, I'd love to hear back from you! I hope this makes an impact to help others who are struggling with their mental health, remember you're not alone. if you like my works give me a follow to see more..." 

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