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Rua das Mursas

Rebeca Santos

Rua das Mursas

 Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 80cm 

Rebeca Santos is a 20 year old Fine Art student from Portugal, currently based

in Southampton, Uk. She studied Visual Arts back in her home town and is

now at Solent University. Her practice is mainly expressed in forms of drawing

and painting being pen, charcoal and acrylic paint the materials mostly used.

Her work is characterized by surrealistic influences where through the

transformation and manipulation of the surroundings and imaginative realms

uncanny pieces that derive on a supernatural and bizarre essence emerge.

My artwork is characterized by the exploration of the unconscious through various surrealist techniques. Through the transformation of reality around me, I create supernatural and bizarre creatures and surroundings that demonstrate a depiction and manipulation of common living and inanimate things. My most recent body of work comprises metamorphosed fantastical, uncanny creatures, mostly ambiguously ornamental and technological visual things, inspired by the uncanniness behind everyday life objects and the realization of the importance common and conventional objects have in changing and transforming our day to day life. It manifests today’s reality and expresses life on the inside, which nowadays means mostly inside the house, where I got to rethink the influence ordinary things around have in us and how their banality made us lose sight of them, being things that have a major impact in our lives.

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