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Samuel Thurley-Ratcliff


4 short films, captured on mobile phone and edited on free software

"My work includes a wide range of practices. From traditional media such as painting, drawing and sculpture, to more experimental exploration - with photography and film. I love to delve into the themes of light and dark, sound, identity, music and storytelling, and I find the work itself questions and explores ideas such as gender constructs, the magic in the mundane and the concept of self. Using whatever materials are available to me, I find allows for a more raw feeling, unadulterated by smoothness and feigned flawlessness. The pieces I make have souls of their own, and they themselves are reactive, vibrant and full of life, so I make my work instinctively, and hope to reflect the fleeting nature of thoughts and dreams. This vitality of paint, the blending of styles and practices and close relationship to the self help to make the work accessible to whomever might find it. In Fact I can only hope that someone - somewhere - can take something from it.

'ONE FOR SORROW' Is a collection of four short films and one full length film. Shot from my current perspective (both metaphorically and literally) the films take place through my own window - peering down to the streets and railway below it gives an uncanny sense of my reality right now - which mostly consists of staring out of the window solemnly and watching the magpies, my new dearest companions - but nevertheless is still my reality. I began filming back in November 2020 and eventually had stockpiled far more than the content seen now. Eventually, after months of filming and cutting and editing down it was done - and hence back to watching I went. But it would not be the last of this footage as the exhibition was announced and I found that in all honesty my piece fit really quite perfectly into the theme of 'Through the Window'".

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