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Shazmeen Begum


 Mixed Media

30cm x 25cm

"I am a mixed media artist who prefers to keep an open mind when it comes to what I create. Personally, art is all about texture and using a combination of different medias to add layers and depth. I explore a range of themes and ideas from nature, the textures of leaves and pebbles to more personal projects, my relationships and bonds with certain family members and my mental health. 

'#dontfilterfeelings' is a piece from one of my more personal projects, 'My mental health' series. When you are looking through the window, the visibility of the inside is unclear and this idea applies to people as well, you don't fully know what someone is going through. Everyone wears a mask, everyone is battling their own problems and we don't really know what's going on; we don't know the whole story. This piece is an insight to a part of myself I keep hidden from the world, I mean who would want to be seen suffering?"

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