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Vincent Cunningham

Compressed charcoal 42cm x 59cm

Vince Cunningham was born on 19th February 1999 and is a London based artist located in South East of the UK. As child Vince was fascinated by the idea of “creating”. In 2018, he received his foundation degree at the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) located in Rochester, Kent with a concentrated urge to explore the concept of line more deeply. Currently, he is studying at Southampton Solent University (SSU), Hampshire to soon graduate a Fine Art BA(Hons) degree. His exploration implicates the “art” of the western notions that inhabit the dualistic attitudes to an animistic visionary outlook of consciousness and frequency. "Throughout my processes of creating, spiritual practices along with specific Hinduism philosophies have expanded my encompassing awareness of consciousness, as well as challenging the western world’s logical notions of “reality” itself. The indication of uniting contrasting binary oppositions through the formal elements “line and form” do not only visually represent an outlook in different qualities but theoretically signifies the spark of dualistic attributes to life. The assorted instruments in which I use to create include compressed charcoal, acrylic/oil/spray paint, graphite, ink, clay as well as experimenting with the actuality of film, subjective processes within analogue photography, and sculpture itself. To me mixed media consciously empowers distinctive polychromatic proposals, conceptually reinforcing the idea of diverse realities. One like myself happens to find this liberating when painting from energy, drumming into a cosmological frequency that guides my hand when making creating unique outcomes every time.

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